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The magic word is Macaroni! Looking for fun, family-friendly entertainment on the Central Coast?
Please use the form below to contact me about putting on a magic show for a birthday party, club or school assembly or family get-together. I’ll get right back to you!


Sharon, Paso Robles

We have an annual harvest barn party every fall, this year we tried something new: Magic by Gene.  He was a big hit with everyone from kids to the seniors!  We will definitely ask him back next year.

Nicole, Paso Robles

We Saw Gene perform at our Harvest Party, and we enjoyed his performance immensely. Our nephew was mesmerized the entire time!

Ann, Atascadero

Gene was very engaging, great with the kids. Fun for all!

Susan, Thousand Oaks

Our kids 7 and 11 years old had so much fun watching your magic show. Our boy was fascinated and wants his own magic set now. They of course loved it when you asked for a little bit of help too! Hope to see your show again someday soon!

Alfredo, Paso Robles

All of our kids thoroughly enjoyed the magic and wanted to know how all the tricks were done. Our favorite trick was  the "goldfish in the bag" trick and to this day I still wonder how he pulled it off!

Sara, Atascadero

Excellent show! Fun for all ages. A wonderful mix of exciting and silly tricks. Thank you.

Monica, Atascadero

Macaroni-----! What fun and to see the kids laugh, trying to figure out how he does his magic. Thank you!